Saturday, March 6, 2010

book review: natural liberty

i love love love this book. natural liberty: rediscovering self induced abortion methods. by the sage-femme collective.

1. it is available free online. you can read it online or download it as pdf. so accessible. 467 pp.
2. it is so well written and well organized. well researched. cross referenced.
3. includes so much folklore, mythology, and ritual use of the plants. accurate and clear black and white drawings of the plant.
4. discusses a myriad issues surrounding abortion. cultural, political, trans national, biological, health, and the various options for birth control and abortion that are available.
5. includes pretty detailed instructions for menstrual vacuum aspiration-mva.
6. srsly they have done such an excellent job with this book that i am srsly considering buying the actual paper book, b/c just having it on pdf means i cant carry it around with me as easily as i like and i like to take notes in a book with a pen.
7. and it is written by the sage-femme collective, who also produced the classic reproductive justice zine, herbal abortions, by uni tiamat.
8. it also has acupressure points for inducing abortion, and techniques for yoga, massage and hot baths to bring on that period.

natural liberty is also on the links page. and i reference this book so often. invaluable.


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