Monday, March 22, 2010

cherish the sponge!

In the 5th century, Jewish Talmudic law suggested three groups of women – young girls, pregnant women, and lactating women – avoid pregnancy by using sponges collected from the sea. Contraceptive sponges were later sold in mail order catalogs during the 1800s.

i am loving this artist's work. incredible. visually arresting and powerful words. if you are interested in seeing more of her work, or better yet purchasing it, you can purchase posters on etsy....

Heather Ault is an artist, designer, and activist who is creating visual narratives about the history of abortion and contraception around the world. She is currently engaged in a project called “4000 Years for Choice”. She is passionate about creating connections between artists, historians, and the pro-choice community in order to celebrate the ancient traditions of reproductive control we continue to practice today! She resides in Urbana, Illinois where she is a graduate student in the University of Illinois’ School of Art and Design.

More of Heather’s work can be viewed at

expect to see me highlighting more of her artwork over the next weeks.

what i dont understand is why would pregnant women need to avoid getting pregnant?