Sunday, March 14, 2010

the speculum. yep. now personally, i have never been a big fan of the speculum. especially dislike the metal kind.
a good amount of time during this experiment was habibi having to learn how to use one. which, well, was a bit awkward and painful. and me trying to be the calm voice of -- fuck! that fucking hurts! out out out! now! -- but after a few tries he got the hang of it.
i would highly recommend getting a plastic speculum if you can. the metal ones are heavy and cumbersome.
habibi warmed the speculum (and cannula)up in his hands and beside the heater for a couple of minutes before inserting it. which was also very helpful. cold metal in the vagina? not pleasant.
then he used the flashlight on his phone to locate the cervix and the os.
then he inserted the cannula (see pics in previous posts) through the os and into the uterus. while i held the speculum. so in one hand he had the flashlight and in the other he had the cannula. as for me, in one hand i had the speculum and in the other i had the syringe. yeah all hands on deck.
we didnt take pics during the experiment (our hands were full) so all these pics are after the fact.
but you should know that everything was sterilized and swabbed with iodine. (the brown spot you see at the bottom of the photo is not blood, but iodine, man does that stuff stain!)
and i took some pain/relaxing medication which really helped. both my mood and my pain threshold.
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