Friday, August 20, 2010

things i have learned about herbal abortions over the past few months

--you have to be clear. really clear that you do not want to be pregnant. herbs act as 'little helpers' for the abortion. they can help to open the cervix, cause contractions, change the hormonal make up in the body. but they wont be nearly as effective, if you have some hesitation about whether or not you really want to be pregnant.
sometimes there is a psychological journey a person needs to go through in order that one can be clear that one does or doesnt want to be pregnant.

--if you are pregnant. you may be getting nauseous easily. aka 'morning sickness'. which can make it a lot harder to have to digest a large amount of herbs, teas, leaves, tinctures, pills etc. just to be noted

--consistency is key. keeping the herbs in the body at a high enough level continuously. when sleeping, waking up at least one time in the night to take the herbs is a good idea.

--eat lightly. i recommend raw salads and simple starches such as couscous or rice. eating lightly allows for the body to focus its energy on the abortion and not to focus so much energy on digestion. also allows for the herbs to circulate through the body easier with less interference. again, if you are nauseous, this may be more difficult for you to do. or the nausea may make it easier for you to do. it depends.

--patience. the farther along you are in the pregnancy, the longer the herbs may take to produce the abortion.

--don't worry, if you use parsley as a pessary (you stick some parsley twigs in your vagina like a tampon) the parsley sprigs will not get stuck. really.

--also if you use a parsley pessary, make sure that all the stems are fully cut off. the stems in your vagina hurt like hell. trust me.

--the farther along you are in the pregnancy, the stronger the herbs will probably need to be. for instance if you have been pregnant for two weeks past ovulation, then vitamin c and parsley will probably be pretty effective. if you are 4-6 weeks, you will probably need more toxic and dangerous herbs such as tansy and pennyroyal.

--miscarriage and herbal abortions can hurt a lot. hurt like contractions during birth. keep this in mind

--follow your body's signals, your intuition to know what you need

--sometimes herbal abortions dont work. there are no guarantees. if they dont work, a good back up plan, in most of the third world is misoprostol which can be bought over the counter in many countries. mifepristone is one of the two pills used in ru-486. the other is mifepristone which is not easily available in most of the third world.

you can use herbs in conjunction with misoprostol to make the chemical/medical abortion happen quicker and smoother.