for now, this faq primarily addresses herbal abortions.  as i become familiar and experienced with more types of self-induced abortions i will add more faqs.  if you have questions you would like answered please leave them in the comments and i will address them to the best of my ability.  thanks!

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what is a self-induced abortion?
–an abortion performed by the pregnant person herself, outside the recognized medical system. although it can include abortions induced through legal, over-the-counter medication, it also refers to efforts to end a pregnancy through alternative means.

what is an herbal abortion?
–a self-induced abortion that uses herbs and foods to end a pregnancy

what are other types of self induced abortions?
excerpted and revised from Natural Liberty:
  • Menstrual extraction – Menstrual extraction is a modified form of the clinical technique of manual vacuum aspiration. A simple device called a Del-EM™ is traditionally used. The Del-EM™, consisting of a suction syringe, a check valve, tubing, a glass jar, and a sterile flexible plastic tube called a cannula, is used to extract the menstrual fluids from the uterus.
  • Homeopathy – Homeopathic remedies (based on herbal abortives) are used in some areas of the world to induce abortion.
  • Acupuncture/acupressure – The application of needles  inserted and stimulated at specific points on the body has long been used in China for abortive purposes.
  • Massage – The physical manipulation of the body is probably the oldest form of self-induced abortion and still remains popular.  The United Nations estimates over 300,000 massage abortions are performed annually in Thailand alone.
  • Hyperthermia – The application of heat is also an ancient form of abortion. The Greek physician, Soranus, who lived in AD 98-138, prescribed hot baths along with abortive herbs.
  • Yoga – Yoga, as a menstrual promoting method, is a new discovery. Modern female yoga enthusiasts have learned through experience that some yoga postures and processes have the added benefit of influencing fertility.
  • Psychic abortion – The use of psychic communication as a fertility regulation method is reported by some women for self-induced abortion.
how effective are herbal abortions at ending pregnancy?
–studies have shown effectiveness between 20-80 percent.  no conclusive scientific studies have been done.  in my experience, effectiveness varies based on multiple factors, including:
  • how soon into the pregnancy the person begins taking the herbs
  • which herbs are used
  • how often the herbs are taken per day
  • how many days the herbs are taken
  • how certain and honest with themselves that the pregnant person is about their desire to have an herbal abortion
  • the pregnant person’s ability to relax and focus on the abortion process
  • if the pregnant person has support during the process
  • other medications the pregnant person is taking
  • relative mental and physical condition of the pregnant person
  • access to the abortifacient herbs and foods
how long does it take for an herbal abortion to occur?
–it varies between a few hours to a few weeks.
–there are three phases to herbal abortions:  ingesting the herbs, passing the fetus  out of the body, and bleeding after the passing of the fetus.  the amount of time needed for each of these phases depends on multiple factors including: your physical and psychological condition, your reproductive history, and the specific quantity and quality of herbs that you take.
what does an herbal abortion feel like?
the herbal abortion experience is unique and personal.  some people feel little pain, others feel a lot of pain and cramping.  some people feel tired, weak, achy, dizzy.  others feel that they can go about their day to day life relatively normal.  every body is different and responds differently.

what are the risks of using herbal abortions?
  • herbal abortion doesn’t work
  • over-dosing on herbal abotions which causes self-poisoning
  • hemmorhage
  • incomplete abortion
what is an incomplete abortion?
from sister zeus
–when fetal tissue is retained inside the uterus, rather than being pushed out by the uterus. this can cause several serious problems. The tissue can putrify causing uterine infection which is a very serious situation, and if untreated can result in permanent sterility and even death. The first signal of uterine infection will be fever, followed by abdominal pain…
Incomplete abortion can also create a situation where uterus is not able to return to it’s normal size. If the uterus is unable to clamp down hemorrhage may result, it may manifest as mild bleeding that lasts for an abnormally long time or very heavy or profuse bleeding…
The further advanced the pregnancy the greater the risk for incomplete abortion.

what are the signs of an incomplete abortion?
  • a fever of 100.4 degrees F
  • hemorrhage (too much bleeding)
  • a lot of cramping and pain in uterus and cervix
what are the signs of hemmorhaging? how much blood is too much?
  • bleeding that lasts for a long time, i.e.  over two weeks
  • bleeding heavily enough to fill between more than two heavy sanitary pads in an hour and  three heavy sanitary pads in three hours