here are some links to resources, information, and research about alternative contraception and alternative/self-induced and herbal abortions:
natural liberty Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods
Sage-femme Collective seeks to encourage discussion and educate on the dangers of restricting abortion access. We seek to provide information on the various historical methods of self-induced abortion, so the fundamental inherent right to abortion can be deeply appreciated. Natural Liberty is also a detailed and well-cited resource regarding the safest methods of self-induced abortion and focuses on providing women with the specifics regarding techniques and methods of self-induced abortion. With knowledge and education, women have shown that together we can provide safe abortion services when abortion services are restricted. Natural Liberty is a detailed resource that helps to provide the knowledge and education for women to secure safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy if the political climate does not recognize a woman’s right to a safe abortion. Pdf_16x16 467 Pages
sister zeus
This web site is about empowering women by educating ourselves and each other about our fertility.This site is geared toward women who want to avoid getting pregnant and who wish to take a proactive stance regarding our health and wellbeing. Here you will find a wealth of information about our menstrual cycles, how our bodies work. Information I feel every woman should have access to and knowledge about.
Herbal Abortion: a woman’s d.i.y. guide:

Herbal Abortion covers not only herbs but other things such as home testing pregnancy kits that put the control back in the hands of the individual woman.
Herbal Abortion is not a pamphlet of new and radical ideas, it is simply the perpetuation of age old knowledge that has been systematically oppressed by those–from medieval witch-burners and clergy to modern day doctors and politicians–who would usurp the power of a woman’s control over her own body.
natural miscarriage
Natural abortion has a long history. The Greeks and the Romans had many herbal potions that they used for abortion. Many primitive cultures that still survive today have used natural abortion for centuries. Today, because of the availability of early detection pregnancy tests a woman has an increased opportunity of successfully inducing a miscarriage. The new tests detect pregnancy within 24 hours of conception. The earlier these natural abortive methods are used the more likely they will be successful. It is about time we give this information to people and let them decide to use it or not. And we offer this information as an alternative to the insanity around the issue of abortion. These methods take the whole affair of abortion out of the political, religious, and medical realm and allow it to be a private issue as it should be. The simple facts presented here should be part of common knowledge. Why do we dare judge a woman for deciding that it is best for her not to have a child? Why has nature provided so many natural, healthy ways to prevent pregnancy, and to end it naturally, if we choose to do so? Abortion is a private matter for the woman concerned and we hope to keep it that way. We have compiled information from various texts and personal accounts from women who have successfully aborted naturally. The information can be found in many libraries or bookstores. For your convenience we have compiled some of the best methods into an article, which tells you, all you need to know in a few short pages at a very reasonable cost.
herbal abortion:
I thought long and hard before making this site. I decided to do so because I believe that women deserve information on all options available to them if they find themselves pregnant when they don’t want to be. Before reading anymore of this site please make sure you read this page thoroughly and understand the risks involved.
abortion at home
Abortion isn’t about playing god anymore than anarchism is. If we as anarchists support self-determination, then the moral component of the abortion debate becomes defunct. Abortion is killing, but not murder. Americans would like to think that death is avoidable, and for that reason liberals have tried to sugarcoat a women’s right to choose with an it’s-not-about-the-fetus argument that disregards the emotional intensity that everyone I know has experienced when choosing to abort. When we recognize that something is dying—if only a possibility of life—then it’s possible to grieve and move forward.
how to induce a miscarriage herbally (and safely)
I have used this to positive results 3 times. Given the lack of access to bc and abortion in much of the US I would like to share this with all of you. Copy it, pass it around, send it to your friends. It is cheap and accessible to all. Obviously if there are any health problems or adverse side effects contact a doctor. My friends and I have used this with very little complications, but I just want to put that disclaimer out there as all bodies are different and yours may react differently then ours. Feel free to ask a natropath/herbalist/physician/gynaecologist.
Herbal Fertility Control: Contraception and Abortion An Ancient but Practical Approach for Women Who Want to Take Charge of Their Reproduction and Fertility, and Make Every Child a Wanted, Loved, and Planned-For Child!
Here, we wish to alert all women, and their concerned male partners, about old methods for ending pregnancy in the early stages, mainly for restoring the onset of menstruation where it might be delayed, by use of simple herbal preparations. The materials presented here should be viewed as a guide, a first-step into an ancient body of knowledge, and not as the sole information on how to proceed in the case of an unwanted pregnancy.
herbal abortives and birth control
effectiveness, specifics, safety, serious side effects, use of herbal abortives as labor facilitators, herbal abortives and common sense
intro to herbal birth control & missing period inducers
The most important thing to remember (besides researching before you try anything) when deciding to go the alternative/herbal birth control route is:       =TIMING IS EVERYTHING=
a few herbal birth control recipes
focusing on some of the herbal birth control & period-inducing recipes I have come across.
more alternative and herbal birth control methods
I’ve already discussed a few recipes for ensuring an uninterrupted menstrual cycle. But there are some other methods available out there, which are listed below.
also check out the freyja collective
the FREYJA collective promotes: fertility awareness, radical self-sufficiency, earth centered living, youth outreach, justice, and choice.