basically guiding folks through self-induced abortions, alternative contraception, and other ways of not being pregnant…

i first got interested in self-induced abortions and contraception at the same time that i started to study midwifery.  to me its all about being willing to mother ourselves, our bodies, and our intuition.  throughout human history, around the globe, people have known how to not be pregnant.  we have used herbs, movement, light, scents, touch and whatever means were necessary to not be pregnant.  this knowledge isnt lost.  sometimes it is buried under the bones of folks who died in childbirth or bled to death from the complications of a miscarriage.  it has always revitalized itself nurtured by our desire to define for themselves what is freedom, mothering, pleasure, sacred, death and life.  

                                                    (picture of a slice of a pomegranate)

so that is what i am offering us.  stories and practices in an effort to redefine our basic understanding of reproduction and life.

that is what the lilith plan is.  a celebration of our survival by any means necessary.

here you will find tips, strategies, research, history, pictures, journal entries, articles, interviews and whatever else i run across that supports our relationship with our reproductive health.  

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